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Are you ready for the real Exclusive Alternative Motorcycle Tour? This package is designed to change your life! Our expertise on the Road has not limit!

adventure moto trips in Greece
exclusive motorcycle tours in greece
exclusive motorcycle tours in greece
exclusive motorcycle tours in greece
exclusive motorcycle tours in greece
exclusive motorcycle tours in greece
exclusive motorcycle tours in greece

We provide numerous motorcycle tour options that can be combined to suit your taste. This roadtrip is designed to change your life! It is about life on the road, meeting people, and exploring your own mind as you do something you love-to-ride.

Imagine: You are ride your motorcycle, you have fun with your friends, then you slow down and you’re in the perfect place for a diving expedition, and you just doing it!

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Take a look what you can combine with your next motoadventure: 


- Nature Tours (eco & wildlife)

We all know Greece as a country with an impressive cultural heritage. But who knew that Greece has a staggering natural heritage too? Actually, one of the best kept secrets is that Greece is a true European biodiversity hotspot! A few facts:

It has around twice the number of plant species (6000) as compared to a large country like Germany (which has 3000 plant species) whilst around 15% of the plant species in Greece are endemic. This means that those species are unique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world!

With 446 bird species recorded in Greece it makes it a paradise for bird lovers and a great place for bird watching.


- Unesco and Archaeological sites

UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Explore the treasures. During your tour in Greece we explore the treasures made by man and nature over the centuries. Discover monuments and sites and be seduced by their uniqueness.


- Hiking

Few people know about the varied and extensive mountain regions of Greece. Apart from Mt.Olympus at 2917m, Greece has more than 30 mountain peaks above 2000m. Gifted with mild Mediterranean weather and sunshine, landscapes with amazing sea views, ragged gorges, crystal clear rivers, Greek mountains are a hidden paradise for trekking enthusiasts.


- Camping tours

Camping is part of a genuine adventure vacation in Greece. It is the best way to really experience nature in these breathtaking landscapes.

The campgrounds we use for our camping and adventure vacations are generously laid out, they have running water, toilets, pick-nick tables and benches and some fire pits. All of them have showers and kitchen shelters.

Wildness camping: None of these luxuries exist for our nature tours where we camp in the wilderness on islands in the beach or mountains. No matter where we set up camps, we do our best to treat nature as friendly as possible, leaving no trace.

We provide: Tents, air mattress, pumps, food, BBQ, water, drinks, camping equipment, kayak, etc..


- Sailing The Best Greek Islands

Private Sailing Trip provides the opportunity to sail the mesmerizing Mediterranean and visit the beautiful Greek islands, while offering a great level of privacy, luxury, and independence. Taking a tour is certainly the most convenient way to explore places and sightseeings in Greece. The majority of guided Greece tours are organized in Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, Crete and other tourist developed destinations around the country.


- Travel by Rib the Best Greek islands

You will enjoy a private trip with direct contact of the nature. The ride is a unique experience in itself. Feeling the wind and sun and sea directly during the ride is a pleasure that many of our customers enjoy the most as a the exposure to nature is so vivid and real. Remote islands where you can be totally alone in crystal blue waters. Traditional Greek fishing Villages that are right next to the sea. Wonders of the Earth that millions of tourists dream to visit! What else do you want?


- Diving expeditions

Combine with your motorcycle roadtrip a diving adventure in the Aegean or Ionian Sea. Witness the non-touristy side of the Greek islands. Experience shipwrecks, cliffs, caves, walls reefs... traces of ancient civilizations... and of course the spectacular biodiversity of our waters which can't wait to meet your bubbles!


- Hot Air Balloon Flights

Enjoy a unique Meteora area Hot Air Ballon Private flight!

Meteora in Greek language means suspended in the air and there is no better way to enjoy this magical place! Hot-air balloon rides provide bird’s-eye views of breathtaking landscape with unobstructed views.( The departure is not in the vicinity of the monasteries as there is a restriction of flying above the monasteries


All tours are custom made and available with Motorcycle and Luxury Minibus! You may combine any of the above after consulting with our expert to unsure that the outcome will be the adventure you require.

We told you before, our expertise on the road has not limit!

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