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Why choose A.R.T.team for your next motorcycle adventure in Greece.

Why choose A.R.T.team from Alternative Road trips company for your next motorcycle adventure

First of all we are certified by FIM Europe as Motorcycle Tour Assistants, and we are trained by Honda Institute in Barcelona, Spain. We may be Greeks but at heart we are "Citizens of the World" who happen to know and love not only our own country but also our not-so-distant neighbors. We have acquired over the past 23 years of our motorcycle riding experience, extensive knowledge of routes and places to visit in and around Greece. In an attempt to quench our thirst for travel on 2 wheels and to familiarizing ourselves with foreign lands, we have humbly learnt the benefits of our own country first. Nothing gives us more pleasure than to share the beauties of this land with other fellow travelers.

We don’t have ‘’ready to go” motorcycle tours for booking. Each trip, from a simple weekend, to a two or three week roadtrip, is planned based on the needs of the individual customer. We are organizing only Private Motorcycle Tours!

A.R.T. team live the motorcycle travel lifestyle on their days off. We love off-the-beaten-path boutique hotels, paved and dirt riding surfaces, out-of-the-way points of interest and real-life experiences with locals. Our most important values are rider safety and helping our riders create memories that will last a lifetime.

Alternative Road Trips do not own the motorcycles we use for our roadtrips but provides them in cooperation with one of the most reputable and reliable motorcycle rental company in Greece. Including all the available insurance and road cover.


We are preparing with:


We know the best hang outs as the "Partners Network" - Having met and worked with numerous tour operators Alternative Road Trips has contracted specific partners around the country because they are the best at motorcycle touring & renting services in their geographic region. So when travelling with Alternative Road Trips, you can rest assured you'll be communicating only with the best professionals in the business.


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