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So, what do we do at Alternative Road Trips?

The answer is simple:

Whatever it takes to make your next motorcycle adventure a reality!

Alternative Road Trips (A.R.T.) is a small personal tour company based in Athens, Greece.

We organize Private & Group roadtrips in Greece with Motorcycles (as well as Luxury Minibuses) using hidden scenic roads mostly and help you discover the best Greece has to offer.

We focus on a new concept of travel services for people whose ambition is to visit our country on their own schedule and not on a predetermined tour date.

Tailor made roadtrips offer you the freedom you long for on the road.

We aim to provide a wide range of travel services surpassing all the restrictions of the average tourist agency. We at A.R.T comprehend the difference between tourist and traveler!

motorcycle tours greece

As a Tour Operator – A.R.T. is proud to offer the best private or group roadtrips and surpass your greatest expectations. We don’t have ‘’ready to go” motorcycle tours for booking. Each trip, from a simple weekend, to a two or three week roadtrip, is planned based on the needs of the individual customer. 

Personal motorcycle tours in Greece are gaining great popularity and attract from the expert to the inexperienced traveler...we cater for all!

To create your unique holiday, a member of A.R.T will begin by gathering basic information from you to define your requirements, such as dates & duration of travel, landscape preference (costal, mountain, city, combination etc), accommodation preferences (e.g luxury or economy hotel, hostel, camping etc), excursions/activities (e.g sailing, rafting, hiking) and then we create a tailor-made program determined by your needs and aspirations.

We then make all the necessary arrangements and leave nothing to chance. We arrange your ride and tour leader (if needed), your overnights, your activities etc and a detailed yet comprehensive road book is put together containing everything you may possibly need.

We know Greece better than anyone else. We can travel you from North to South, from islands to mountains, all year round! We know the best routes, hidden roads, secret spots and best places in Greece by travel experience and not from advertising!

Our roadtrips are designed to display either solely or as an assortment, the cultural, historical and contemporary sides of Greece without neglecting to consider the needs of the new age motorcyclist.

We guarantee your roadtrip will be unforgettable!

Smiles per miles are guaranteed. It’s as simple as getting in touch with us and we’ll be more than happy to start your exclusive adventure right now.