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We are a small team of motorcycle tour operators, certified by FIM Europe, with hundreds of thousands of kilometers of travel experience on two wheels! Our immense knowledge of Greece and after having travelled to all of our neighboring countries and destinations such as Morocco, Norway, Iran, Scotland etc., lead us in 2007 to the decision to combine our experiences and passion for motorcycle touring and create “Alternative Road Trips” (ART) in our very own country of birth. 

Our purpose is to supply you with our knowledge and our alternative travel services ensuring that you will enjoy a unique and memorable motorcycle tour in Greece.

passion lead us here

Each member of our team has accumulated through travel many different experiences, has seen and learnt from various cultures, has met and interacted with people from all over the world and this knowledge combined with Greek Hospitality helps us understand and cater to our clients’ every need.

Our goal is to enable those who want to travel on the “roads less traveled” of our beautiful country and acquaint them with unique hidden spots of Greece thus experiencing the ultimate Private road trip.

Believe us, as the saying goes, anyone can ride a bike… but there is much more out there... 

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