To decide which is the best option for you, please read below:

Guided Tours:

Are organised and led by our expert Tour Leader (your tour guide) who will be a proficient, highly experienced rider (certified by FIM Europe) and will be competent in first aid along with basic mechanical and problem solving skills.

He, will guide you on the routes you will have chosen, offering his knowledge and expertise of the Greek roads, so you only have to worry about the scenery and enjoy the riding. The guide is on hand to assist with your every needs and carries a number of spares, tools and problem solving accessories.

You must remember the big difference we have with other travel agencies: All this is private! We don’t put you in the line with some strangers to you riders and guide you wherever WE want!! You choose your company, You choose your route, (after our proposals) and we organize all the trip just for you and your friends!

Escorted Tours:

You will be accompanied by a tour guide throughout the entire time en route, who will assist if and when necessary. For the majority of the time you will be left to your own devices to get on with it, even though your tour guide will be with you all the way.

You will be provided with all the mapping details in Garmin Gps formats. Accommodation and overseas travel will be organised for you.

You will be responsible for planning your own route and organising stops etc. Some prefer this as they are capable of travelling longer distances at a more progressive pace.

Maybe you need something really different? We provide numerus motorcycle tour  options that can be combined to suit your taste.

Independent Tours:

With Independed Tours, we provide you with everything you need to complete the journey, a complete tour pack, maps, digital maps, itinerary, advice, tips, contacts, and so on. We book the hotels for you and arrange any ferry transportation, all the rest is up to you.

The guides are simple and, if followed correctly, you will be able to complete the tour on schedule.

We are on the other end of the phone 24/7 if you get caught out! These tours are ideal for those wanting their own freedom and privacy or for small groups that find it easier to have a planned route and navigate it on their own.


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