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Our clientele varies from just one person, to leaders in the motorbike manufacturing industry! With a few words come as many as you like.

Of course you can join us with your own motorcycle. As mentioned, Alternative Road Trips do not own the motorcycles we use for our roadtrips but provides them in cooperation with one of the most reputable and reliable motorcycle rental company in Greece. Including all the available insurance and road cover.

Whatever you choose! We organise only tailor made motorcycle tours, remember? All hotels and guesthouses we choose for you are carefully selected by us based on comfort and cleanliness. About meal, European cuisine and Mediterranean flavors are customary.

Our tour pack contains: Detailed maps, routes and GPS data! Also we provide you with a tour manual which gives help on riding abroad, and legal information for each country you will visit.

You must bring your riding helmet and a water-proof uniform. We do not provide riders equipment, unless we have arranged this with you in advance.

Especially now, with a GPS and the Internet, anyone can organise a trip, whereever he wants. But a tour is something different. The obvious reasons: Support, guide, peace of mind! If you have never travelled this way never before, give it a try, for sure you will not be dissapointed.

Guided Tours are organised and led by our expert Tour Leader (your tour guide) who will be a proficient, highly experienced rider (certified by FIM Europe) and will be competent in first aid along with basic mechanical and problem solving skills.

Escorted Tours: you will be accompanied by a tour guide throughout the entire time en route, who will assist if and when necessary.

Independed Tours: With Independed Tours, we provide you with everything you need to complete the journey, a complete tour pack, maps, digital maps, itinerary, advice, tips, contacts, and so on.

It’s exactly what the name implies: A group that consists entirely of just yourself, or just the group of friends, family, or coworkers that you’d like to share any great riding experience with. Please keep in mind, the more people you have, the lower the per-rider cost for a private group tour. As there are common or “fixed” costs like the guide(s), their hotels, food, salaries, etc., the more people you have in your private group, the less of the “fixed” costs each rider needs to pay.

Riding days can vary from as little as 200km/124 miles to 650km/404 miles per day or possibly, depending on the trip you choose. However, we encourage you to think of this in terms of “riding time,” not the “distance ridden” as 200km in the twisty Pindos Mountain or Alps of Europe can make for a very full riding day. Much the same, some days will include ferry crossings, side excursions, or other activities depending on the trip you choose, so just keep in mind that we design itineraries that make full use of your vacation time, and it would be difficult to get bored at any time.

Greece is a very bike friendly country. It is a land with warm and sunny weather for most of the year and for this reason there are many motorcyclists. It is estimated that there is 1 motorcycle for every 10 cars on the road, suggesting a very high rate of motorcyclists, however car drivers are accustomed to driving amongst motorcycles and are always alert for bikers around them

These situations are few and far between, as we strive to travel at smart and responsible pace that helps us avoid accidents. In the event of an urgent situation, however, our support vehicle will be able to assist as well as that will be with us for every situation.

A rest day is when we relax in one place. We enjoy local attractions, tastes and shorts walks. Our tour guide can suggest a non-guided route on this day and each individual can decide whether they want to join the company or do their own thing.

Although most of tour riders, prefer to ride together you are always free to leave the group if you prefer. We only ask that you inform the tour leadr before doing so.

Alternative Road Trips Tours tours are tailored to motorcyclists of all levels. However, you must have a valid motorcycle driving licence for at least two years. The selected routes are planned to follow low traffic roads and to offer a good deal of sightseeing. You do not need to be a highly experienced motorcyclist. Furthermore, the tour leader is always there to help, if needed.

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